Cave Inn

Welcome into The Cave, an ensemble project by our circus students!

Deprived of daylight, below ground fourteen artists have been sharpening their senses, preparing for you. Adventure with us into the cocoon of circus, walk amongst the physical brilliance and ingenuity of the rising circus stars. 

Maybe it’s about celebrating life. Maybe it’s not.
They ask you to gather, explore the gaps, knock on rocks and follow the path.
They promise to sparkle for you.


Three performers/creators from the group ENT have guided the creation of Cave Inn - Karoline Aamås, Love Aa. Kjellsson and Mira Leonard. The following frames and keywords provided restrictions from which creativity flowed.


  • Two weeks of creation
  • One week of rehearsals
  • A movable audience
  • Transforming the training space into a performance space.


  • transparency
  • cooperation
  • surprises
  • transformation
  • adaptation
  • mitigation
  • communitas
  • liminality.

Information for the audience

During the performance, you will walk, stand or sit on the floor as you are guided through the space. Seats are available for audiences with special needs, please communicate these needs before entry into the space. A haze/ -smoke machine may be used in the show.

All shows are documented by SKH, and you as an audience member may be captured by the lens.

Price: 100 SEK. Free for children under 6 years. 

We offer special prices to schools and groups of 20 and more, please contact Gunilla Egevi, coordinator at​

Performers and creators

Students in the BA programme in Circus year 2

  • Elsa Lardier
  • Victor Undén,
  • Tobias Niemöller
  • Simeon Gratini
  • Simon Malmsten
  • Lovisa Wengerzink
  • August Rohde Aass
  • Johanna Gorzellik
  • Florimond Dumas
  • David Martin
  • Simone Stevens
  • Marie Asplund
  • Viola Fossi
  • Laura Savolainen.

Direction, process, and concept: Karoline Aamås, Love Aa. Kjellsson, Mira Leonard

Lighting design and lighting education: Tom Richmond

Technical production: Nikki Lindholm, production technician and Ragnar Fäst, theatre technician

Photo: Love Aa. Kjellsson

The pre-recorded music is Matt Starling’s adaptation of Terry Riley’s Dorian Reeds.

Circus staff

Circus education

Questions about the circus education? Send us an email at