Alberto Feliciate Ordóñez
Assistant Lecturer of Cirkus

Alberto Feliciate Ordóñez

Department: Department of Circus
Telephone number: +46 8 49 400 289

At SKH and at the Circus Department, I am teaching acrobatics, dance-acrobatics and physical preparation (general and specific for the different disciplines), as well as supporting creative processes to “break” the technique of the disciplines to find personal and especial ways of expression… without breaking the body.

With a strong background in gymnastics, and after 20 years working in many different projects and with artists from all around the world and disciplines, I can be the strictest technique teacher or the craziest researcher depending on the needs and the objectives we are working for.

I love my work and I work hard, but always with passion and respect… I like to feel the same from my students. I think I am a privileged person because I work in the field I like… but in this life, not everything is about working and following objectives… It is also important to know how to take a break and go out to see/do/discover other things to come back later with more energy. This way I feel I can be more efficient and I can apply more skills and experiences into my work.

I personally please to spend time in the nature practicing various sports, and as life is movement, to continue moving, learning, meeting with other people and enjoying the distinct experiences that these activities bring me.

For those that want to come to study at SKH, I can only say that you should fight and follow your dreams… but to achieve that, you must work hard and enjoy what you are doing…

In the circus world there are a lot of possibilities to continue with your dream, but I think SKH is one of the best places in the world to get it.