Library and Archive

The library at SKH is located at three addresses and contains books, journals, databases, film, music, sheet music, plays and film scripts. We also have an extensive archive. On these pages you will find all the information you need to use the library, the archive and their resources.
    • Search

      Here you will find the library's catalogue, Fabula and the national library catalogue, Libris. The Global Grant scholarship database is also available here, as well as links to databases and subject-specific e-journals.
    • Borrow

      Students and staff – but also external parties – may borrow books from the University Library. On this page you will find information about loans and loan rules.
    • Contact and opening hours

      Here you will find addresses, opening hours and information for the three different libraries at SKH. You can also find contact information for everyone who works at the library.
    • Research and student work

      On this page we collect links where you can see theses, dissertations, expositions, research films, publications and more from research at SKH. Student work is also collected here.
    • Distance Learning

      SKH offers several distance learning programmes and courses. Here we collect information and resources on how we at the library can support you if you are studying elsewhere.
    • Reading impairments

      For people with reading impairments, the library offers several different support functions. Here you can read about the Legimus audio book system and the TorTalk speech synthesis tool.
    • Write and publish

      When you are writing a work or publishing your work in DiVA, Research Catalog or SKH's publication series X Position, here are some tips and resources.
    • About the Library and Archive

      Here we tell you more about the history of the different units and how their collections came to be here with us.
    • Archive

      The archive at SKH contains collections of documents and media from our current organisation, but also historically from the schools that merged to form SKH.
  • Social media

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