Reading impairments

For people with reading impairments, the library offers several different support functions. Here you can read about the Legimus audio book system and the TorTalk speech synthesis tool.

If you have a reading impairment, you can search for literature from the Legimus database.

To be able to download talking books, you need an account in Legimus. You get this account at the library. Book an appointment with Olof Halldin +46 8 49 400 531 who will help you arrange an account.

Once you have received your login information for the account, you can download or stream talking books in the way that suits you, in the computer, mobile phone or tablet. You get an introduction on how to download and read talking books when you get your account.

Download accounts for talking books are only available to those who have difficulty reading printed text due to a disability.

Reading aid with TorTalk speech synthesis

Through the Library, SKH arranges the opportunity for students and staff to use the TorTalk reading program.

With the Tortalk program, you can have e-books, articles, your own texts and other digital text read by a computer voice.

Instructions for installation are available from the Library's intranet. 

Installation guide for TorTalks


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