Alisan Funk
Assistant Professor of Circus

Alisan Funk

Department: Department of Circus

What subject do you teach at SKH and at which education?
As Head of the Bachelors of Circus Arts, and assistant professor within the Circus Arts BA, I will be working directly with undergraduate students to increase their knowledge of circus arts practices, artistic practices from other domains, and methodology for creation. My role also includes working with the educators for the circus arts program to ensure that our students receive excellent disciplinary, artistic, theoretical, and creative educational experiences to nourish their individual trajectories.

Is there anything you would like to highlight within your area?
I am excited to be part of the internationally-renowned Circus Arts BA, and to work with the students and educators who are preparing the next generation of circus artists. Because of the value that SKH places on artistic research, circus students benefit from an environment that sees artistic practice as multifaceted knowledge transmission, culturally significant, and the site of knowledge generation. From the perspective of circus arts educational contexts, this environment is both unique and inspiring.

Please tell us something more about what you think is important within your area or about your role as a teacher.
I have worked in circus for 20 years as a performer, coach, creator, director, and coach educator, primarily in Canada and the United States. Through my Master’s degree studying post-secondary circus education and research for my Doctoral studies, I have been part of projects researching many diverse elements of circus arts, including circus poetics and dramaturgy, circus apprenticeship as a means of increasing physical literacy and movement creativity, how circus practitioners understand their career trajectories, circus arts curriculums, and gender in circus arts education.