Departure 2024

Sixteen new performances by and with students in acting at SKH 5-12 October 2024.
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Students in their third year of the BA Acting programme are currently working on creating their own shows, which they will perform for audiences during the Departure Festival on 5–12 October. The very first festival was organised in 2004, so it feels extra special to celebrate the 20th anniversary this year.

The performances are around 40 minutes long and all are performed every day of the festival. You choose which ones and how many you want to see. Tickets are free of charge, but we recommend that you pre-book to make sure you get a seat.

Ticket booking opens in mid-September.


The students in Acting Year 3 are:

  • Alexander Fischier
  • Anna Krantz
  • Bjarki Ardenheim
  • Björn Asp Lundqvist
  • Ebba Canvert
  • Emir Waldmark
  • Ian Emerson
  • Jesper Eliasson
  • John Grahl
  • Karin Ronnle
  • Linnéa Heinrich
  • Paulina Jonsson
  • Paulus Roseen
  • Rasmus Sintorn Nystedt
  • Rebecka Harper
  • Zarah Njoki Nilsson

See the whole class here!

History of Departure

Departure was first held in 2004 and over the years we have invited school classes, the performing arts industry and other theatre enthusiasts to join us to see and meet the actors and mime actors of the future in their own performances.

The festival is a presentation of the course The Own Project during the final year of the Mime Acting and Acting Bachelor programmes. The student's task is to create their own performance, where they are responsible for the whole production. The starting point for the work can be an image, a movement idea, a piece of music, a text, a personal memory or something else.

Several of the performances have lived on after the programme and alumni have performed them on stages around Sweden.


Upcoming dates
Saturday, 5 Oct, 12:00-20:15
Monday, 7 Oct, 12:00-20:15
Tuesday, 8 Oct, 12:00-20:15
Thursday, 10 Oct, 12:00-20:15
Friday, 11 Oct, 12:00-20:15
Saturday, 12 Oct, 12:00-20:00

Price: Free entrance!

Location: SKH, Valhallavägen 189 och 193. Karlaplan metro station.

Other: Ticket booking opens in mid-September.

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