At SKH, you can train for a profession on stage such as an actor or mime actor or for any of the professions that work "around and behind the stage" with theatre, dance, circus, performance or other performing arts - as a playwright, director, producer, set designer, designer in mask, costume, sound, light or technique. We drive and develop artistic research in the entire field of performing arts.
  • A versatile environment

    As a student at SKH, you will meet a teaching staff that will help you develop your specialised knowledge and artistry. You study in an environment characterised by knowledge and creativity with a curious outlook. Working in the performing arts offers many opportunities as it can be presented in a variety of forms and settings and often creates collaborations with other art forms. Acting is about empathising with how other people think, feel and act and then consciously portraying events, thoughts and feelings with your voice and body. The actor is primarily a creative artist, not just an interpreter. There are opportunities for international exchanges and links to research and the artistic field. We run several international exchanges for both teachers and students within and outside Europe.

  • Programmes in acting

    • Bachelor's Programme in Acting
      For those who want to work professionally as an actor.
    • Bachelor's Programme in Mime Acting
      For those who want to work with physical theatre and movement on a professional level
    • Master's Programme in Acting
      Aimed at experienced and active actors who have solid professional experience and want to deepen and expand their knowledge.

    Independent courses are offered in addition to the programmes.

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  • Bachelor's Programme in Performing Arts

    The programme has nine different specialisations where high quality is combined with creativity and innovation in practice and theory. You are trained both in your specialisation and with other students in joint exercises where you train yourself to collaborate with others based on your specialisation.


    • Playwriting and Dramaturgy
    • Costume Design
    • Sound Design
    • Light Design
    • Make-up and Wig Design
    • Technical Coordination and Production for the Performing Arts
    • Production Management for the Performing Arts
    • Scenography
    • Theatre Directing

    Independent courses are offered in addition to the programme.

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  • Master's Programme in Performing Arts

    This programme is aimed at those who are active in the field of performing arts and want to further develop their practice. Here you deepen it by developing research-based and investigative methods, increasing your knowledge of processes in artistic research and your ability to formulate and share your knowledge with others in the field.

    Independent courses are offered in addition to the programmes.

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  • The Future

    After completing your training as an actor or mime actor, you will have the knowledge and skills to work within an ensemble or on your own and to move freely between different genres, media and types of productions. Our former students have started independent groups, become writers and theatre managers. They work in classroom theatre, Hollywood productions, puppetry and television. We see them in theatres across the country, some working mostly in radio or on stages abroad. Some are teaching the next generation. Our former students of the performing arts programmes work in various performing arts organisations such as theatres, opera houses, dance institutions, event companies, concert halls, independent groups and in their own projects where they have pushed the boundaries of where and how performing arts can be presented. A bachelor's degree also allows you to continue studying at a higher level, such as a master's programme.

  • Third-cycle studies

    Stockholm University of the Arts is authorised to award a third-cycle artistic degree in artistic practices, and offers third-cycle education in the subject of performative and media practices.

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  • Visit SKH Play and watch films from theatre

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