At SKH we educate and research in dance and dance pedagogy. With us, you can choose to train as a dancer or choreographer, or as a dance teacher or teacher in dance in upper secondary education, for a professional career in dance education.
  • A dynamic place for dance

    At SKH we strive to be an important and dynamic place for education and research in contemporary dance, choreography and dance pedagogy. With strong roots in the professional field, we are active in driving the development of the art field of dance and choreography in Sweden and internationally. As a student in dance, you will meet many different artistic practices, methods and approaches to develop your ability, your knowledge of critical reflection and tools to strengthen your own practice. Within dance pedagogy at SKH, we train independent dance teachers, teachers in dance in upper secondary education and master students, with a strong artistic and pedagogical approach, for a professional career in dance education. You will meet teachers in the field of dance education and art who are active internationally as well as nationally.

  • About the programmes in dance

    The dance programme at SKH trains artists who meet different target groups and audiences and are thus part of the development of society. The programme is international and has a large number of international teachers, guest teachers and students where teaching is mainly in English. The programme is active in creating various collaborations, such as seminars and publications, with a focus on creating new knowledge. We want to create an experimental environment at the intersection of education and research that can be at the forefront of driving the future of dance and choreography.

    Programmes in dance:

    • Bachelor’s Programme in Dance Performance
    • Master’s Programme New Performative Practices (NPP)
    • Master’s Programme in Choreography

    Independent courses are offered in addition to the programmes.

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  • About the programmes in dance pedagogy

    Do you want to help develop people's creativity, artistic ability and knowledge in dance?
    We offer longer programmes and courses in dance pedagogy that combine deep knowledge, critical reflection and innovation. Our environment is characterised by knowledge, creativity and respect and provides opportunities for national and international exchanges and close collaboration with both the professional environment and the surrounding community. As a student, you are given the opportunity to develop a knowledge of the importance of art for humans and the society we live in. You deepen and develop your creative ability in dance, artistic and pedagogical processes, choreography, theory and anchor yourself in research.

    Programmes in dance pedagogy:

    • Bachelor's Programme in Dance Pedagogy
    • Teacher Education Programme in Dance
    • MADE – Master in Dance Education

    Independent courses are offered in addition to the programmes.

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  • VFU – Work-based training

    As a student on the dance pedagogy and teacher education programmes, you have during parts of your education so-called VFU – work-based training.

    Read more about VFU - work-based training on our Swedish website

  • The Future

    Dance and choreography are expansive fields that operate in an international context. The powerful development in the art field means that the conditions for a professional dance artist are constantly changing. To meet these challenges, we want to strengthen the students' environmental analysis, independence and artistic awareness.

    Our goal in dance pedagogy is to train creative educators who are equipped to face a constantly changing professional life and who can drive the field of dance and dance education forward. Many former students work directly in various dance education organisations or have created artistic collectives and companies that work with dance both scenically and pedagogically, in various contexts.

  • Third-cycle studies

    Stockholm University of the Arts is authorised to award a third-cycle artistic degree in artistic practices, and offers third-cycle education in the subject of performative and media practices.

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  • SKH Dance Podcast

    The SKH Dance Podcast is a place for sound that honours the oral tradition of dance and choreography.
  • Kom och dansa! (Come and dance!)

    SKH's practice studio offers courses for children, young people and adults and welcomes both beginners and the more experienced. Here, students from the Bachelor's Programme in Dance Pedagogy teach many different dance styles and techniques under professional supervision and often to live music. Courses take place at Brinellvägen 58 in Stockholm.

    Read more about Kom och dansa! on our Swedish website


    Photo: Urban Jörén
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