HPU – Training in teaching and learning in higher education

The course “Training in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education” (Högskolepedagogisk utbildning in Swedish, abbreviated to HPU) is aimed at teachers, professors, librarians, doctoral students tied to programmes in fine, applied and performing arts and others who work with students.
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The training is based on the recommendations of the Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions (SUHF). Its completion is intended to result in knowledge, skills and attitudes about working professionally as a university or college teacher within one’s subject area and the ability to participate in the development of higher education.

The role of the teacher in programmes in fine, applied and performing arts (7.5 credits)

This course gives teachers working in higher education in fine, applied and performing arts the opportunity to develop their role and their teaching.

Module 1: 2 credits

Practice and law
In this part of the course, we examine teaching at colleges and universities. Such teaching is subject to rules, laws, regulations, local provisions and plans. In this part of the course, we study how these affect the teaching practice. We also cover how to use the course syllabus as an effective tool in teaching, well as assessment and evaluation. Participants are familiarised with the various supports offered to students and how we develop and make visible our pedagogical practice in programmes in fine, applied and performing arts. We get an overview of how the libraries can support our activities.

Equality and equal treatment
In this part of the course, we examine equality issues that both directly and indirectly affect our work at the university. We look at the rules that apply in the event of incidents and how you should act in your capacity as a colleague, teacher and fellow human being. We also delve into students’ rights.

Study resources

Elmgren, M. & Henriksson, A. (2015). Universitetspedagogik. (3rd edition) Studentlitteratur AB
Elmgren, M. & Henriksson, A. (2018). Academic teaching. (2nd edition) Studentlitteratur AB


Module 2: 5.5 credits

The mission of the teacher
In this part of the course, we apply our own experiences to learning theories, analyses of teaching tools and reviews of learning situations. The intention is to share experiences, increase understanding of one’s own practice, and provide a basis for the part of the course dubbed “The mission”. The work primarily takes the form of literature reading and seminars/workshops. We also carry out classroom observation of a fellow course participant and conduct a peer-reviewed reflection. Participants must also write a project work on some aspect of their own artistic practice and teaching.

Reflection and summative assessment of the role of the teacher in programmes in fine, applied and performing arts
In this course, the manner in which we develop and make our pedagogical practice visible is examined in three ways:

  •     Classroom observation of a fellow course participant and a peer-reviewed reflection.
  •     A classroom observation report on one’s own teaching.
  •     A project work about some aspect of teaching practice tied to one's own artistic discipline.


Course structure

The course is given via the Canvas learning platform and has five compulsory meetings. For PhD students, the principal supervisor can decide that the course may be included in research education.

Course coordinator: Professor Ylva Hofvander Trulsson

Course meetings:

  •     Monday 29 January 2024, 9:00–12:00 (digital)
  •     Thursday 8 February 2024, 9:00–12:00 (digital)
  •     Tuesday 12 March 2024, 9:30–16:00 (physical, together with Swedish group)
  •     Thursday 18 April 2024, 9:30–16:00 (physical)
  •     Friday 14 June 2024, 9:00–15:00 (digital)
  •     Thursday 15 August 2024, 9:00–15:00 (digital)

Examination: 21 October 2024, 9:30–16:00 (physical)

Language of instruction: English

Location: Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) and online

Course fee: SEK 22,000, excluding VAT (the cost of required reading materials is not included in the course fee)

Please note that registration is binding. Your Head of Department must approve the registration, as it is the department that will be liable for repayment in the event of a delayed cancellation. To approve the registration, the Head of Department must send an e-mail to Course Coordinator Ylva Hofvander Trulsson: ylva.hofvandertrulsson@uniarts.se

Any cancellation must be made no later than one month before the start date for the course, otherwise 50% of the course fee will be charged. For cancellations made less than two weeks before the start of the course, the entire course fee will be charged. The participant can be changed free of charge at any time, prior to or in connection with the start of the course.

SKH's teachers do not pay a course fee. However, the same cancellation rules apply as for external participants.

If there are less than ten people registered for the course, it will not be conducted.


The deadline for registration was 16 June 2023 but late registration is still possible.

Register by filling in this form.

Please note! Your Head of Department must approve your registration by sending an e-mail to Course Coordinator Ylva Hofvander Trulsson: ylva.hofvandertrulsson@uniarts.se


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