Artistic Pedagogical Training

At SKH we offer didactics and pedagogical programmes in various arts fields. Programmes and courses if you want to make children and young people grow and develop through artistic expression. Do you want to develop your competences as an arts pedagogue in Kulturskolan, or work to widen participation and reach new target groups? SKH has pedagogical courses for those who want to spread arts works to everyone. To ensure a high quality of education, we also have university teaching courses (HPU) for teachers.
Two mime actors dance with large fabric yokes. From the course Costume in Transformation 2021.
Photo: Per Bolkert/SKH
  • Programmes and courses in dance pedagogy

    Do you want to help develop people's creativity, artistic ability and knowledge in dance?

    At SKH, we train independent dance teachers, teachers in dance in upper secondary education and master students, with a strong artistic and pedagogical approach, for a professional career in dance education.


    Independent courses are offered in addition to the programmes.

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  • Kulturskoleklivet

    You are needed in Kulturskolan. Kulturskoleklivet is a training initiative to meet the need for further training and more trained teachers in Kulturskolan. As a teacher at Kulturskolan, you are an expert in your artistic expression and work to teach and inspire children and young people to learn a new art form and develop their creativity.

    SKH, in collaboration with Stockholm University, offers a joint range of courses within Kulturskoleklivet. Together we represent both excellence and breadth in several artistic expressions.

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    A back shot of four children holding hands and jumping into the air.
  • HPU – Training in teaching and learning in higher education

    The course “Training in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education” (Högskolepedagogisk utbildning in Swedish, abbreviated to HPU) is aimed at teachers, professors, librarians, doctoral students tied to programmes in fine, applied and performing arts and others who work with students.

    The training is based on the recommendations of the Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions (SUHF). Its completion is intended to result in knowledge, skills and attitudes about working professionally as a university or college teacher within one’s subject area and the ability to participate in the development of higher education.

    Read more about HPU – Training in teaching and learning in higher education

    Picture taken from above with people sitting on chairs in a circle.
    Photo: Linnéa Lindberg/SKH
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