Tove Salmgren
Lektor i koreografi med inriktning performativa praktiker

Tove Salmgren

Avdelning: Institutionen för dans

Tove Salmgren works as a performer, choreographer and curator and since 2019 she is working at Stockholm University of the Arts as a Lecturer in Choreography of Perfomative Practices. She is one of the leaders for Köttinspektionen dans, an artist-run platform and place for experimental dance and choreography located in Uppsala, Sweden. The platform hosts and supports choreographic practices and performances which experiments, in different ways, with dance and choreography as an art form, as politics and relations. The curatorial program often unfolds through conceptual frameworks; making publications, experimenting with documentation practices, framed residencies to support and challenge artists and the art field, and she is one of the curators and initiators of the annual festival Revolve Performance Art Days Uppsala.

Since 2018 she forms a performance trio together with Moa Franzén and Kajsa Wadhia, focusing on vocality and choreography, interlinked with a feminist critique and questions on how body and voice are interconnected in each other’s becoming’s.

As a choreographer and performer her work explores shifted perspectives and reality, often through interventions of a minor scale, based on the interest in negotiating what art (and non-art) can do and be as a place for the emancipatory unknown. Tove’s collaborative work often takes place in the intersection of choreography and curation, such as with the many projects assisting "The Blob” – a curatorial persona initiated by the curator Anna Efraimsson – exercising an institutional critique through playful, social and relational interventions, overflowing and bending the norms and conventions of the institutional bodies of various kinds.

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