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”Collaborative filmmaking in VR” by Mirko Lempert

“Collaborative filmmaking in virtual reality” is a research project by Mirko Lempert, Assistant Professor of Visual Media.

In this project, we investigate virtual reality as a collaborative space for filmmaking. We are especially interested in the possibilities of social VR to generate new forms of artistic processes where film people scattered around the world can meet and create cinematic works remotely.

Aim and research questions

The project explores the technological as well as the artistic aspects of remote collaboration, virtual filmmaking and acting. Research questions include how to best design user interfaces for efficient artistic dialog in VR, what acting techniques best used to generate expressive, emotionally engaging characters and how to direct an actor who has a different appearance than in the real world?

Research implementation and anticipated impact

The project will be held in conjunction with a course in previsualization (Previs) spring 2020.


The project aims to generate scientific papers and demos that can be published at conferences such as VRST, CVMP, SIGGRAPH or FMX. We also have the opportunity to show our first results of work in progress at the Z-Fiction 2020 conference in Zurich. Partners are Dr Simon Alexanderson (KTH), Ylva Gustafsson, Lena Stefenson, Alejandro Bonnet (all SKH).




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