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“CLIMATE-JUST WORLDINGS”  is a research project by Lina Persson, a Researcher in film, where she explores world-building for film in a hypothetical climate-just world.


Today both scientists and the general public agree that climate change is real and that it is evidently caused by humans. But still we seem unable to act enough on this knowledge to bring about the necessary change and transition. The research presented here aims at exploring such actions and transitions towards climate-just art practices. Speculating upon alternative worlds and hypothetical futures it intends to experiment with the conditions for art production and storytelling in order to find a more sustainable relationship with what Donna Haraway calls our natureculture1. What would it mean to my artistic practice if there was a built-in limitation for me to use more natural resources than my share? What would a world look like, where future generations could access and confront the present with its overdraw of resources? The proposed research project will be investigating these questions through different forms of “worldbuilding” like the film industry’s “storyworlds” and the “worldings” of material feminist theory. By playing with the legal structures of the contract and the certificate I plan to formulate and submit to climate-just obstacles in my practice. This legal structure (with the working title: PRODUCTIONWORLD) would work as an experimental environment, a test tube, containing the practice. Within this framework I would perform my practice by building a STORYWORLD, a fictional world of texts, images and sound. In crossdiciplinary workshops specialists from different fields will contribute in defining this hypothetical sci-fi world, dictated by new timetechnologies. There is little time left to turn around the current critical climate development. This research aims at testing such transitions in small scale.

Project description and research plan


PhD candidate and Researcher, Lina Persson

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