PhD project

"The Translatress´ Tactic: Conflicted Trans-Atlantic Embodiment" by Caterina Mora

Researcher: Caterina Mora

"The Translatress´ Tactic: Conflicted Trans-Atlantic Embodiment" is a PhD project by Caterina Mora. Caterina is a PhD candidate in Choreography.

Inquiring into entertainment as research, I seek in the contamination generated by mashing-up, ways of representing academic dance and “world dance”. This project uses conflicted Trans-Atlantic embodiment as a way to address simultaneous creation, exposition and the documentation of the practice of “bastard-cheap” lecture-performances and the pedagogical approach of sharing.

Aim and research questions

How is Trans-Atlantic conflicted embodiment used to highlight, question and resist colonial history?
Could it be the continuous interruption of this embodiment a gesture of resistance in colonialism and
neoliberal capitalism context?
How can one create an artistic-research-device that questions and resists the
concept of “art-work” or “art-piece”?


- WSB - Work Space Brussels, Artist trajectory, Belgium.
- Digital Review, Second Handbooks of Dance, Argentina.

- Academic research group at UNA (Movement Department, National University of Arts), Argentina.
- PhD candidate Emma Gioia (University of Grenoble-Alpes), France.


Start and end year for the research 2021-2025. 

Photo: Simon Baetens