PhD project

"Object Ideation" by Erik Åberg

Researcher: Erik Åberg

"Object Ideation" is a PhD project by Erik Åberg. Erik is a PhD candidate in Choreography.

Aim and research questions

This project investigates the expansion of the artistic practice of the juggler (object manipulator), by becoming the inventor and creator of the objects that are being manipulated. It investigates how the creation of an object can be part of a thought process in the field of circus, and ultimately any context that involves objects and their use. My intention is to study different choreographic, craft, and creation methods related to object-body interaction and to investigate the relation between the making of an object and the use of that object. 

The aim of the project is to depart from the standardized objects used in circus and to generate methods and knowledge in the area of object creation and circus, pre- and post- discipline.
How does the spectrum of expression that juggling occupies, expand when the manipulator is also the creator of the object?
What is a circus practice that starts from a completely clean slate? How does one begin creating, before technique, object, discipline, and format of presentation?

Research implementation and anticipated impact

The project includes an inventory of the field, to produce an outline of juggling knowledge and a reflection on why some objects ended up as standards in circus. It aims to produce new knowledge about how objects and their creation are situated in the practice of circus and more generally in the area of object-body interaction, and on sustainability in the relationship between human and object. 


Start and end year for the research 2021-2025. 

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