Doctoral research project

”CHOREO | GRAPHY” by Eleanor Bauer

Researcher: Eleanor Bauer

CHOREO | GRAPHY is a doctoral research project by Eleanor Bauer. Eleanor is a doctoral candidate in Choreography.

CHOREO | GRAPHY is an inquiry into the nature (systems, processes, qualities, structures) of thought in improvised and choreographed dance in relation to the nature (systems, processes, qualities, structures) of thought in spoken and written language. Or, the relation between what we say we’re doing and what our dance is doing, what is understood through language and what is understand through movement, and how these things collaborate and collide in choreographic practice.

Respecting that different media enable different kinds of thought processes, ideas, or concepts to be reached, at the base of the research is how movement-thought itself, translatable or not to language, might be observed and understood, incorporating perspectives of dance experience, science, and philosophy. The core of the project is artistic practice. Through the development and of dance and writing practices, I am working to get closer with language to the specificities and idiosyncracies of dance-thought, challenging the structures and codes of language with the logics of the dancing body to produce more situated discourse and embodied poetics from within dance.

Working with the frictions and gaps between these two media of thought, through different approaches of translation, transposition, or intermediation, the project of articulating dance-thought in language is a means to reshape, manipulate, and handle the structures of language with critical and creative agency, to question the givens, to make words move, and ultimately to forge new choreographic tools by restructuring how we talk about and write dances, taking choreography literally as the writing of the dance, or dance-writing.

Final Presentation: Spring 2022

Doctoral candidate Eleanor Bauer 

Eleanor Bauer is a performer and choreographer working at the intersections of dance, writing, and music. Her work is a profound synthesis of embodied intelligences, bound in her practice of making sense with the senses in performance. From solos to talk shows to large ensemble pieces, her versatile works range in scale, media, and genre traversing categories of performance with wit, humor, and aplomb.

Originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico, Bauer is currently based in Stockholm where she is a PhD candidate in Choreography at Stockholm University of the Arts. She created performances via GoodMove vzw, a production structure she initiated for collaborations in Brussels, from 2007-2019, and was artist in residence at Kaaitheater in Brussels from 2013-2016. Together with Ellen Söderhult and Alice Chauchat, Bauer co-founded the open-source format for exchange of practices in the performing arts called Nobody's Business in 2015 (, which has since been adapted by myriad practitioners and local organizers worldwide. Bauer continues to teach, write, lecture, and co-create contexts for exchange of knowledge in the arts, including PROTO TALKS and A class for a cause (

Bauer has worked as a performer with, among others, choreographers Xavier Le Roy, Boris Charmatz, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker/Rosas, Trisha Brown, David Zambrano, Mette Ingvartsen, Veli Lehtovaara, Karinne Keithley, Ivy Baldwin, and Chris Yon. She has collaborated as a choreographer and performer with visual artists Matthew Barney, and Every Ocean Hughes/Emily Roysdon. She has performed or collaborated with music groups such as Ictus contemporary music ensemble, The Knife (leading Miguel Gutierrez's Deep Aerobics for the Shaking The Habitual/Shaken Up tour), and WATT clarinet ensemble. Her primary collaborator in music since 2004 is Chris Peck ( with whom she has created numerous performances ranging from an remote Mail-art & interdisciplinary performance collaboration with Jon Moniaci, Beth Gill, and Chase Granoff called ”<3 The Band” to several large scale and touring theatrical, musical, and dance pieces over the years. Together they write songs and transport, transpose, or trans-muddle structures and ideas between different media in a strongly intuitive practice they call ”compostition” (compost, composition, and superstition). 

Bauer choreographed a collaboration between Swedish rap artist Yung Lean and the Swedish dance company Cullberg called NEAR, which premiered in 2018 at Gothenburg’s Way Out West music festival and Stockolm's Dramaten Theater. In Spring 2020, Bauer collaborated with Danish pop artist Lydmor and Corpus dance company at Copenhagen's Danish Royal Theater for an original collaboration entitled SENSUALITY HAPPENS, slated to appear also at Denmark's renowned Roskilde music festival, currently suspended until further notice due to Coronavirus. 

Other ongoing collaborations include a project with Nora dance company in London, working title Nora (the many), and a film and dance artistic research collaboration with Swedish filmmaker/director and fellow PhD candidate at SKH, Mia Engberg

Bauer has joined the research community at Stockholm University of the Arts for the opportunity to deepen and extend the research-orientation of her work, to participate in an interdisciplinary culture of experimentation and knowledge production, and to engage in a context with colleagues who will support and challenge her interests.

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