Opera at SKH rests on a long and solid tradition. At the same time, we challenge the present by reflecting on the artistic content and developing new forms of opera. We have well-developed national and international collaborations and there are many opportunities for exchanges. Here you will meet highly qualified teachers with extensive opera experience.
A singer sitting on stage. From the opera students' graduation performance Gold & Ashes, 2023.
Photo: Martin Hellström/SKH
  • Solid tradition in the present

    The opera programme at SKH is based on a long and solid tradition with a focus on all the different elements of opera: singing, music, stage, movement, language and theory. At the same time, we want to expand the art of opera and challenge the present by reflecting on the artistic content and developing new forms of opera activities and opera creation. You participate in valuable collaborations within SKH and we have close contacts with professional opera life in Sweden and very good international networks. As a student on the Bachelor's Programme in Vocal Performance, you have the opportunity to do an internship at a Swedish opera house.

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    Two opera students sitting on separate chairs and singing.
    Photo: SKH
  • Teachers and guests

    At opera you will meet highly qualified permanent teachers with extensive opera experience. The school also invites guest teachers, directors such as Clara Svärd, Mårten Forslund and Linda Mallik and conductors such as Joakim Unander, Jonas Dominique, Erik Solén and Henrik Schaefer. In artistic seminars, you have the opportunity to speak with international opera artists and professional representatives. SKH's rich activities provide opportunities to take part in international artistic activities and research.

  • The future

    As a trained opera singer, you can apply to opera institutions and concert life internationally after the programme. You have acquired a good ability to work at an international level with directors and conductors in musical and scenic performances in opera houses, in concert life or in independent groups. You have received instruction in entrepreneurship, mental training and audition training, to give you good tools for professional life.

    Four opera students perform on stage. Student performance at the former College of Opera from 2012.
    Photo: SKH
  • Collaborations and exchanges

    As a student, you have the opportunity to participate in collaborations with the Royal Swedish Opera and the Royal College of Music and participate in degree productions at Wermland Opera or Folkoperan or other organisations. In the Bachelor's programme you have the opportunity to do an internship at the Swedish opera houses and you can participate in many concerts during your studies.

    You have the opportunity for international exchanges within Erasmus and through the fact that the opera programme is part of several international networks such as the European Opera Academy and has collaborations with Cape Town in South Africa and Tbilisi in Georgia. In collaboration with the Nordopera network, digital auditions are held annually, reaching many opera houses and agencies in Europe, and Nordopera also provides opportunities for student exchanges and courses. 

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    Four opera students on stage with angel wings on their backs, one helping another to put on a shoe. From the performance An Evening at the Opera, 2022.
    Photo: Martin Hellström/SKH
  • The history

    The training of opera singers in Sweden was initiated by King Gustav III in 1773. SKH's opera programme maintains a tradition of over 250 years.

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    A dozen actors in theatre masks and wigs, dressed in historical theatre clothes, look into the camera. The Music-Dramatic School presents Glück's "Orpheus and Eurydice" directed by Etienne Glaser, 1970.
    Photo: Bengt af Geijerstam
  • Third-cycle studies

    Stockholm University of the Arts is authorised to award a third-cycle artistic degree in artistic practices, and offers third-cycle education in the subject of performative and media practices.

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    A man kneels and reads a metre-long paper printout. From the research project/opera performance Don Pascuale, 2023.
    Photo: Per Bolkert/SKH
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