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At SKH we train the independent and artistically aware film makers, radio producers, documentary filmmakers and animators of the future. As a student with us, you will develop your practical and theoretical knowledge within your specialisation, both individually and in collaboration with other students. You become part of a larger context that constantly develops knowledge, the art form and the industry.
Two girls look at each other in a girls' toilet.
Press photo from the graduation film Tjejtoan, 2021.
  • Create your own story!

    On the film and media programmes at SKH, we live with and for the story. We add sound and light, we edit, direct, write and produce. We learn ourselves and from each other. In a creative, critically reflective and permissive environment. You are welcome too!

    Our teaching methods are based on an artistic approach to concept development and craft learning. You will complete exercises where theory and analysis are translated into artistic practice with an increasing level of difficulty. In team exercises, your personal expression and co-operation skills are strengthened and with SKH's many different disciplines, new methods and expressions are developed through cross-border projects.


  • Bachelor's Programme in Film and Media

    A three-year programme with different specialisations, for those who want to acquire a solid foundation for work in film and media. You will gain knowledge and tools to find new and individual ways to develop your future professional role and your artistic work. You are given great opportunities to influence your own education, develop more competences and work as an independent artist in more than one expression.

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    A shooting location where a woman is pushed against a car by a police officer. From the shooting of the graduation film Försvar, 2021.
    Photo: Gustaf Fagerberg/SKH
  • Master's Programme in Film and Media

    A two-year programme with advanced specialisation courses to meet the need for artistic education at advanced level and strengthen the link between research preparation and artistry. The programme is for those who already work in film and media, or have completed a bachelor's programme in the field, and are looking to reach a new level, both professionally and artistically.

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    Four master students in film and media hang long strips of film with clothespins on a washing line.
    Photo: Tanja Holm/SKH
  • Independent courses

    Our independent courses are for those who work in any of our fields and want to specialise in one area. The independent courses on offer vary, some come back several times while others are only offered once. The range of courses is based, among other things, on the needs of the industry.

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    A film crew and actors during a filming situation in the SKH film studio. From a film exercise in 2021.
    Photo: Åsa Edenroth/SKH
  • Find the right programme!

    In our education compass, you can search for what suits you best in Sweden's widest range of film, radio and TV programmes.

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  • Third-cycle studies

    Stockholm University of the Arts is authorised to award a third-cycle artistic degree in artistic practices, and offers third-cycle education in the subject of performative and media practices.

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    Two people are watching large film projections on a wall.
    Photo: Bengt Söderström/SKH
  • Studying film and media at SKH

    We work on the basis of three guiding principles - co-operation, self-confidence and reflection.

    • We work together to utilise the collective power that arises from the encounter between strong and independent individuals. And to achieve real change.
    • We give each other space and freedom to build the self-confidence that provides the conditions for finding one's own meaningfulness. To dare to think and do new things.
    • We take time to reflect on ourselves, our creativity and what is happening around us in order to develop together and move forward. To be able to create and not just observe.


    6 film and media students and a teacher are working in a radio studio.
    Photo: Bengt Söderström/SKH
  • A film crew working on a sandy beach at sunset. From the work on the graduation film Banana Pancake Trail, 2018.
    Photo: Lova Lilliemarck/SKH

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  • Storytelling is everything!

    Life consists of storytelling. Always has and always will. Whether it's Donald Trump, Greta Thunberg, Astrid Lindgren or yourself. Storytelling in all its forms; documentary, embellishment or pure fantasy. In sound, image or words. And for all kinds of contexts; around the table, in the cinema and online. Never before has so much storytelling been available to so many. And technology will not stop us from telling more stories to more people.

    Of course, this plethora of stories places increasing demands on the art of storytelling to bring other people into the stories. Stories that are based on a genuine understanding and knowledge of technique and format, viewers and listeners, communication and the artistry required to evoke the emotion and engagement we are looking for.

    It takes passion, it takes courage and a very special sense of wanting to share. If you agree, apply for a programme or course in film and media at SKH!

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