Here you will find information for those who want to apply for our programmes and for those who are already students with us. For example, you can find out how the admission process works or about our eligibility requirements. If you are an SKH student, you will find information about credit transfer, how to apply for a degree and more.
Mime student sitting on a chair in clown make-up, from a clown presentation in 2014.
Photo: Per Bolkert/SKH
    • A mime acting student draws on a white board

      Want to study

      Here you will find information on admissions, our courses, eligibility and other information you may need as an applicant.
    • Film students gathered in SKH's cinema hall

      Student at SKH

      Information for those who have been admitted and are about to start studying with us or for those who are already a student at SKH.
    • Mime actor students cheer on stage around a large table

      After your studies

      Here you can find out how to apply for a degree and what opportunities are available after you have completed your studies.
  • Programmes and courses

    Here you will find all of SKH:s programmes and courses.
  • A group of people standing under a tree
    Photo: Heidi Paatere Möller/SKH

    Doctoral studies

    SKH offers doctoral studies and has had the authority to award doctoral degrees in artistic practice since 2016.
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