Performing Arts - Bachelor

The Bachelor program in performing arts addresses those who want to educate themselves and work within the professional, contemporary field of performing arts.

This program has Swedish as its main language of instruction. More information about how to apply can be found here on SKH:s Swedish website.

One can apply for the following specialisations with the program: Costume Design, Scenography, Playwriting and Dramaturgy, Make-up and Wig Design, Sound Design, Light Design, Technical Coordination and Production for the Performing Arts, Production Management for the Performing Arts and Theatre Directing.

Working within the performing arts entails many possibilities. Performances can be presented in many different shapes and environments. Artists within the field work within many different genres and in collaborations with other art forms. Our former students work at different performing arts institutions, such as theatres, opera houses, dance venues, event management firms, concert houses, independent artistic companies, and in independent projects, where they have extended the boundaries for where and how performing arts can be presented. A BA-program in the performing arts also gives you the possibility to continue further studies, for instance in an MA-program.

Language of instruction

Please note! The language of instruction for this programme is Swedish. If you apply and you are admitted to the programme, you need show that you are eligible in Swedish, 21 June 2023 at the latest. Please go to the programme's page on our Swedish website for more information.

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    The Bachelor program consists of a combination of common courses for all specialisations, and courses where you will focus on your own specialisation. The education provides many different perspectives, theoretical as well as practical. During the first year, the courses focus on traditions within the performing arts; the second year focuses on the contemporary field of performing arts; and the last year focuses on the future of the performing arts.

    In the courses that are common to all specialisations, you will learn about the performing arts as a collaborative art form. You will also be conducting collective artistic projects, training how to create performances with students from other specialisations. Within several courses, an important part of the works consists in understanding your own work in relation to contemporary society and contemporary audiences. As a student you will obtain knowledge about the different functions that are part of a production process.

    During the last year of the education you will be doing an internship, and an individual exam work.

  • Entry requirements

    If you don’t fulfil the formal entry requirements for the programme you may apply for recognition of prior learning, in other words that the knowledge and competence you have acquired through other activities are assessed as the equivalent of the formal merits that are required. Submit your application for recognition of prior learning with your application for the programme.

    You may also apply for an exemption/a waiver, that allows you to proceed to the selection process even though you don’t meet the general admission requirements. Submit your application for an exemption/a waiver together with your application.

    Read more about how you can show that you meet the entry requirements (that you are eligible).

  • Valuable prior knowledge

  • How to apply

    Start your application early

    Don’t delay in submitting your application! You may run into trouble if you wait until the last day and your internet connection happens to be down, or you find that your files are in the wrong format. You will not be able to apply once the last date for applications has passed. Keep in mind that your application has to be turned in by 23:59 (Swedish time).

    Confirmation that you have submitted your work samples via Varbi

    When you've submitted your work samples you will receive a confirmation to the e-mail address that you’ve stated. If you don’t receive a confirmation e-mail, you should first check your spam filter. If the confirmation e-mail is not there, contact Varbi's technical support.

    Phone: +46 520 580 050 (weekdays 08:30–12:00 and 13:00–16:30).

  • When you have applied

  • Application and tuition fees

    If you are a Swedish citizen or a citizen of another EU or EEA country you are not required to pay application or tuition fees. Some other groups are also exempt from the requirement to pay application and study fees.

    A few years ago Sweden introduced application and tuition fees for higher education. The level of the study fees depends on which course/programme they are for, and the level is set in order to cover the actual costs of the course/programme in question. SKH has some possibilities of offering scholarships that cover the whole study fee or that subsidise it.

    If you are required to pay an application fee, the Swedish Council for Higher Education needs to receive your payment by the last date for paying the application fee. The application fee is SEK 900. If you are required to pay the application fee and the Swedish Council for Higher Education has not received your payment by the last date for paying the tuition fee, they will not process your application. Read more here.

    Read more about application and study fees, how you pay to SKH and tuition fees and scholarships.