SKH looks at several aspects of circus as an art form and offers educational programmes, courses and research in circus. Doctoral students and research teachers in circus generate new knowledge in artistic research. The circus education at SKH constitutes an international environment with students and teachers from all over the world. Programmes and courses are given in English.
A circus student standing on one hand. From the graduation performance Closing Acts, 2018.
Photo: Einar Kling-Odencrants/SKH
  • Rapid development

    The art of circus is evolving rapidly, often in extreme manifestations and expressions. Our courses and programmes provide knowledge and understanding of artistic expression in the many forms of circus. Through their artistry, our students contribute to the development of circus vocabulary and a redefinition of circus as an art form.

    A female backboard with arms flexing her biceps.
    Photo: Einar Kling Odencrants/SKH
  • Programmes

    Bachelor Programme in Circus

    The programme includes courses in circus discipline training, artistic processes and how to create conditions for a sustainable professional life as a circus artist.

    Master's Programme Contemporary Circus Practices

    This programme challenges you to develop advanced artistic and conceptual skills relevant to the existing circus field. The programme also provides the opportunity to apply for postgraduate studies in artistic research.

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    A circus student is standing on her head with her hands in the air and the legs apart.
    Photo: Einar Kling Odencrants/SKH
  • Independent courses

    Independent courses are an important part of the circus activities at SKH. The courses contribute to skills development for professional circus artists. They create an experimental environment at the intersection of education and research with the aim of being at the forefront of circus development.

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    A circus student with her legs around a Chinese pole, hanging backwards. From the graduation performance Closing Acts, 2018.
    Photo: Einar Kling Odencrants/SKH
  • Third-cycle studies

    Stockholm University of the Arts is authorised to award a third-cycle artistic degree in artistic practices, and offers third-cycle education in the subject of performative and media practices.

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    A circus student throws feathers into the air.
    Photo: Jonatan Agami
  • Some student voices

    I have come to understand and give importance about the process and not thinking of the product itself. It is better to try and fail than just think about it and not move forwards.

    My circus is a lot more than I've imagined, that I can take this circus expertise and apply it to other fields and that this has opened up new opportunities for an innovative approach that will be important for the future career.

    I've learned to trust the unknown, the state in which things form, to trust that state, and to trust myself.


  • The Future

    The programme initiates innovative processes to work with methodology and own forms of expression. Our former students have pushed the boundaries of where and how to present circus. They are employed in international companies, create their own groups, are freelancers, participate in festivals and events, and have the world as their field of work.

    Two circus students throw each other around at high altitude. From the performance Now you see, 2021.
    Photo: Einar Kling Odencrants/SKH
  • A circus student in action.
    Photo: Isak Stockås

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