Strategic plan

Here you can read our strategic plan for the 2024–2027 period. It is available to read in text form and to download as a PDF.
Photo: Per Bolkert/SKH


Stockholm University of the Arts is a leading international university where artistic education and research create the conditions for the arts as dynamic, challenging and independent forces in society.



We will:

  • promote high quality by offering an attractive learning environment characterised by excellence where student input and influence, different skills and backgrounds are valued.
  • ensure that our students' learning is central to their educational programme, including interdisciplinary and co-creative education paths.
  • have an open learning environment characterised by international perspectives that provide the conditions for developing artistic energy, initiative, and courage.
  • ensure that our students carry knowledge with them so that they can contribute to the development of society and take pride in their time at SKH.
  • ensure that research results and new approaches improve the quality of education.

Artistic research

We will:

  • ensure a robust research environment, closely linked to education and artistic practice, characterised by international relevance, visibility, openness, sustainability and an ethical foundation.
  • drive the development of co-creative artistic research that takes risks, is courageous and forward-looking.
  • conduct pioneering research that pushes boundaries and shapes new realities.
  • strengthen the conditions for transdisciplinary research projects.
  • share our research, its processes and results and demonstrate that artistic research strengthens society and its democratic resilience.

Engaging with society

We will:

  • be an active player in society, reflecting, challenging and helping to shape society through the arts.
  • drive the development of education and research through mutually strategic national and international collaborations.
  • construct forms of dialogue, networking and skills development for alumni and professional artists.
  • promote the reciprocal exchange of education and research processes and results in open forums.
  • strive to increase our share of external finance and expand on the sources of funding.

SKH together

We will:

  • promote a culture that is generous and characterised by co-creation, trust, commitment and responsibility.
  • strengthen an attractive and equal working and study life where different perspectives are vital and where co-workers and students are given space for dialogue and reflection.
  • work towards sustainability, considering environmental, social and economic aspects.
  • ensure that the continuous development of SKH is enriched by competences that include different perspectives and skills.
  • prepare SKH so that synergies will be achieved when we relocate together.
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