Vision and Goals

Here we present our goals and our overall vision for what we want Stockholm University of the Arts to be today and in the future. Read more in our strategic plan, which you can download on this page.
Photo: Eos Karlsson


Stockholm University of the Arts will, through its pioneering educational environment and innovative research, increase the power of the arts. A leading Arts University, we address and confront the challenges of society today.


In order to realise this vision, we will build a unified community that encourages responsible artistic and creative boldness. We will:

  • train the next generation of leading artists, researchers and educators - our alumni will actively influence the future of the arts
  • develop experimental, innovative and collaborative artistic research environments where art forms are strengthened and the dialogue around the arts and education is reinforced
  • contribute to active dialogue with the wider society underpinned by a cutting edge artistic foundation
  • create a collaborative culture based on a strong sense of inclusivity, responsibility, trust and commitment, where differences are embraced
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