Board of Education and Research (NUF)

NUF is responsible for that overall strategic quality development and quality follow-up of education and research.
Light projection on a studio floor in purple, from the Ephemeral Design performing arts exercise, 2017.
Photo: Bengt Söderström/SKH

NUF is responsible for the planning, development and follow-up of the systematic quality enhancement work. NUF also prepares matters for the Vice-Chancellor within the quality system for first, second and third cycle level and research.


From 1 November, 2023 to 30 June, 2026.

Kersti Grunditz Brennan (teacher representative, chairperson)

Christina Lindgren (teacher representative)

Camilla Reppen (teacher representative)

Karl Sandzén (teacher representative)

Anja Susa (teacher representative)

Sara Fribyter (student representative)

vacant, student representative

vacant, student representative

vacant, external member

vacant, external member

Alternates for the teacher representatives

Thomas Brennan

Carolina Jinde

Tove Salmgren

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