About international cooperation at SKH

International cooperation - an important part of SKH's activities.

International cooperation is a cornerstone in strengthening education and research at SKH. To be able to be a driving force in the artistic areas where SKH operates requires an openness and collaboration with the outside world that inspires, encourages and scrutinizes us. This means that international cooperation is not an end in itself but a prerequisite for being able to conduct education and research at the highest level. International cooperation is also an important part of the university's work for active and conscious inclusion. Through the contacts that are created, international cooperation strengthens the understanding of other countries and conditions.

Exchanges for students and staff

During their education, students and doctoral students at SKH must be able to gain international experience both through international contacts and projects at home and by participating in exchanges themselves. At SKH, all the international students, doctoral students, teachers and guest teachers are an important part of the educational environment. We work actively with exchanges for students and staff within, among others, Erasmus+ and Nordplus. SKH is part of a number of networks for cross-border collaborations in artistic education and research and coordinates or participates in a number of different strategic partnerships.

International networks

Stockholm University of the Arts cooperates with other organisations within several international networks.

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