Spring 2024: Wednesday Research Seminar series

WRS are weekly interdisciplinary research seminars, curated and facilitated by the profile area professors and addressing a different theme each term.

WRS welcomes SKH teachers, senior researchers, PhDs, MA students, and an invited public, WRS are SKHs primary context for encountering the research happening within and in relation to SKH. 

WRS provides a regular time and space for internal and external researchers to come together to share a variety of practices, perspectives and approaches, to identify affinities and differences, to raise common lines of enquiry, and to engage in critical discourse and intersubjective dialogue across an array of themes, subject areas and artistic disciplines. 

Processes of Documentation 

EightSKH researchers, who are either at the beginning, middle or end of their externally funded research projects, have been invited into conversation with fellow researcher/s of their own choosing, to share the materials, methods, and modes of documentation they have used, are using or are planning to use in their research projects. Some shared questions are:

What emerges aesthetically, ethically, temporally, spatially, materially, affectively and concretely in the documentation of an artistic practice or project? 

How is documentation conceived of, approached and manifested in art forms that partially or wholly produce their own documentations and in art forms that do not? 

How does documentation contribute to processes of translation; what occurs when an artistic practice is transposed to other media, other languages, other technologies, other materialities, other disciplines? 

How might particular processes of documentation affect the kind of knowledge which is created, communicated and passed on?

The Spring seminars series will conclude with an April Season of Black Studies, hosted by Future Brown Space. The season invites internal and external artists and scholars to reflect on processes and practices of documentation in relation to their work in, on and through Black Studies.

Read more about the research project FutureBrownSpace


Authorship, Ownership, and Control: Dancer's Roles and Materials / The Curative Act / Choreotherapy: sharing and discussing processes of documentation in dance and choreographic research

7 February at 13:00–16:00 
Chrysa Parkinson, Marie Fahlin and Anne Juren

Subject area: dance
Host: Rebecca Hilton

Link to event

Towards Sensuous Ecologies, Rethinking ableism in choreographic and movement practices

14 February at 13:00–16:00

Dalija Acin Thelander with pavelheider and Noah Hellwig 

Subject area: dance
Host: Martin Sonderkamp

Link to event

Possibilities for young Sámi to build Sámi identity through music, Joik and storytelling

21 February at 13:00–16:00

Ylva Hofvander Trulsson, Professor of Aesthetic Didactics, musician, and arts educator, and guest Krister Stoor, Joiker and senior lecturer in the Faculty of Arts,Vardduo – Centre for Sámi Research, Department of Language Studies, Umeå University.

Subject area: Dance Pedagogy and Sami Studies 
Host: Rebecca Hilton

Link to event

Dance Pedagogy, Research and Documentation

28 February, 13:00–16:00   

Ninnie Andersson and Camilla Reppen, teachers from Fryshuset Gymnasium 

Subject area: Dance pedagogy  
Host: Rebecca Hilton och Ylva Hofvander Trulsson

Link to event

Climate Just Worldings meet Water is (non)life 

6 March at 13:00–16:00  

Lina Persson, PhD student at SKH, and Mirko nikolić, a visual artist who investigates entanglements of climate and social justice in the areas of intense exploitation of ‘natural resources’

Subject area: Film and Media
Host: Hanna Husberg

Link to event

Oceanic Horror or How to Survive the Night in the Haunted Mansion of Absolute Capitalism

13 March at 13:00–16:00

Special guest: audio-visual artist SØREN THILO FUNDER, PhD
Subject area: Film and media/ Climate art research
Host: Erik Gandini

Link to event

Documentation or Working with the Wind meets Image as Site

20 March at 13:00–16:00  

Ellen Roed and visual artist and ZHdK Professor Florian Dombois and Florian Dombois

Subject area: Film and Media
Host: Rebecca Hilton

Link to event

Documenting FutureBrownSpace (FBS)

3 April at 13:00–16:00

John-Paul Zaccarini, guest/s tbc

Subject area:black studies/ performing arts
Host: John-Paul Zaccarini

Link to event

Documentation and Curation in Black Studies

10 April at 13:00–16:00  

John-Paul Zaccarini and Tawanda Appiah, Zimbabwean curator, writer, researcher and editor based in Malmö.

Subject area: black studies/curation
Host: John-Paul Zaccarini

Link to event

!CANCELLED! Documentation and Invisibility in Black Studies

17 April at 13:00–16:00
Mary Louise Richards

Subject area: black studies/architecture  
Host: John-Paul Zaccarini

Link to event and more information will come



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