Research project

”The performing tools of the dancer...” by Kristine Slettevold

Researcher: Kristine Slettevold

“The performing tools of the dancer and its’ potential” is a research project by Kristine Slettevold, Assistant Professor of Dance.

Kristine Slettevold has in her research investigated the dancer's performative tools. During the year, the main focus of the project has been the gaze and the way the eyes can be used by the practitioner on stage. Kristine builds her work based on the different ways of seeing she has used and recognizes from her 18 years as a practitioner in the field. Kristine's research has involved students from the bachelor's program in dance, her own work as a dancer in choreographer Jefta Van Dinther's work "The Quiet" and participation in workshops and observations of others work. The project was presented at the research week 2019 and during research seminars at SKH.

Aim and research questions

What performative tools does the dancer use in a performance context, how are these developed and do they themselves have a choreographic potential? The purpose has been to identify and map which tools a dancer uses in front of the audience. The interest lies in looking at how these develop, their relationship to choreographic processes and their ability to produce choreography. The aim has been to highlight the tools used by the dancer in the moment the work meets an audience. The project examines how these are developed through education, choreographic processes and other practices. The research has revolved around the work with the eyes. In what ways can the gaze be used by dancers on stage? From e.g. to be a tool used to support technical and choreographic purposes, to be a means of moving.

Research implementation and anticipated impact

Through observations of choreographic processes, participation in workshops, own practice, performances and teaching, the possibilities of the gaze on stage are explored . By focusing on the potential of the gaze, the project wishes to convey its significance in relation to the performer's performative consciousness; show in what way this can influence what you communicate. The project is expected to create methods where one can learn how to work more consciously with how the gaze affects choreographic and physical work. Completed activities: Summer 2017 Observation; Mette Ingvartsen's work, the performance "To come" Fall 2017 Deborah Hay workshop Work on solo practice Presentation research seminar SKH Fall 2018 Portugal and Umeå, work with choreographer Jefta Van Dinther Workshop DOCH/SKH BA programme in dance performance Spring 2019 Research Week Presentation: Practicing gazes and Looking scores for one person Premiere The Quiet Berlin Performances Freiburg, Stockholm, Montpellier, Amsterdam.