Research project

”THE MORE THEY SPIT ON ME...” by Tinna Joné

Researcher: Tinna Joné

Ämne: Film and media

””THE MORE THEY SPIT ON ME, THE FASTER I FLOWER” is a research project by Tinna Joné, Assistant Professor of Documentary Storytelling.

We research whether the new technology is able to deepen the documentary narrative, and if so, how? Can we include more voices, tell other stories, and attract a wider audience?

Aim and research questions

The constant renegotiation of roles and positions of power that the use of new technology entails opens up new opportunities, but also new risks. It gets a bit swaying, but in a good way! Research made available with cardboard glasses and 360° video where you are. Ethical issues take place in this project during the idea work, on the set, and in the choice of platform and distribution format. But whose reality is portrayed? How? And by whom?

Research implementation and anticipated impact

In northern Botkyrka there are million program areas, in the southern rural areas and it is a municipality with clear contradictions. Can the documentary process challenge the polarization of Botkyrka? The new technology takes you home to people in northern and southern Botkyrka where you get to experience everyday life in the suburb and attend festivities and ceremonies. Bird perspective with the camera on drones open eyes.


Ewa Cederstam, Cinematographer and Katarina Eismann, Media navigator.