Research project

”SOUND OF CIRCUS” by Marie-Andree Robitaille

Researcher: Marie-Andree Robitaille

”SOUND OF CIRCUS” is a research project by Marie-Andree Robitaille, Assistant professor in Circus.

Modes of sonic Interaction in circus arts

In this project the school of Dance and Circus, Stockholm University of the Arts and the Sound and Music Computing group at the Royal Institute of Technology collaborates and intervenes in the structure of circus practice by developing new methods for enhancing bodily expression.  The objective is to explore new forms of artistic expression in the circus art through the use of motion capture technology, enabling performers to interactively control computer-generated sounds by means of their own body. The research seeks to demonstrate that sonification is a possible solution to overcome the restrictions imposed by the standardized set of rules in composition, production and distribution of circus art. The research has been conducted through a series of 6 Bêta Test (lab work), culminating to the artistic applications in a professional circus performance Gynoïdes Project - Circus Female Intelligentsia.

The researches has been documented and disseminated through a series of lectures, public display, public discussions, interviews, videos, pictures and  peer reviewed articles.

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