Research project

”Poetics of Unlearning” by Anna Lindal

Researcher: Anna Lindal

Poetics of Unlearning is a research project by Anna Lindal, Professor Emerita.

We develop the methodical work that we initiated in our previous project (Unlearning Perfromance, 2015-2017) and deepen the issues concerning unlearning and doubt as a possibly essential part in the work process of artists. We problematise the observations we have done concerning different artistic roles that we embody as director, musician and film maker and the conventions that come witt these roles in a process of unlearning. We work with deconstruction of iconic musical works and "translations" between music and text/interpretation and improvisation.

Aim and research questions

  • In what way is unlearning an essential part of artistic practice?
  • In what way can investigations of the conventions of text/drama and music enrich each other?

These are the questions that serve as point of departure for the project and the aim is to investigate and develop interdisciplinary methods for unlearning as an essential part of artistic process.

Research implementation and anticipated impact

We implement the research in a number of laborations with the research group and in seminars with invited guests. Unlearning and doubt as active and conscious concepts in artistic practice can be of importance and can give new and non expected inputs to the artistic process within all art forms.


Collaboration with director and visual artist Karl Dunér and film maker Tomas Boman. We also invite guests to our laborative work.




The research group is currently workin on an exposition for the Research Catalogue that will be published when the project is completed.