Research project

“Exploring theme-driven storytelling” by Alexander Skantze

Researcher: Alexander Skantze

Fellow researchers Maria Hedman Hvitfeldt, Mamdooh Afdile

Ämne: Film and media

“Exploring theme-driven storytelling” is a research project by Alexander Skantze, assistant professor in the Department of Film and Media.

A joint exploration of the different ways of epic versus causal dramaturgy to picture the past.

Aim and research questions

How do epic and causal dramturgy differ in their representation of reality?

Research implementation and anticipated impact

Maria Hedman Hvitfeldt compiles a piece of violent family history, from which I then write two screenplays, one epic and one causal. Mamdooh Afdile then makes two different visualisations. Our conclusions will be relevant for screenwriters, directors, documentary filmmakers and story boarders.


Maria Hedman Hvitfeldt, SKH
Mamdooh Afdile, SKH