Research project

”Being a replacing / substituting actor...” by Niklas Hald

Researcher: Niklas Hald

“Being a replacing/substituting actor in the field of Theatre for Young Audiences” is a research project by Niklas Hald, Assistant Professor.

Actors will always be replaced in theatrical productions. But what does it mean to replace another actor – for myself as the replacing actor, for the production and the audience? In this research project I will investigate the circumstances surrounding the replacement process and the consequences that arises on, behind and around the stage.

Aim and research questions

I want to investigate how the actor is affected by the short period of rehearsal that comes when replacing another actor, and what this means to the other performers in the production. What kind of choices proceed the process, social, artistic, financial etc. How can the actor prepare? How is the actor introduced into the lifeworld of a specific production/company and the phenomenon that Theatre for Young Audiences represents?

Research implementation and anticipated impact

The starting point is my own experiences as an actor. I will challenge these by interviewing other actors, look at rehearsals and so on. The aim is to pinpoint and problematize the processes surrounding the complex situation of replacing another actor.




Youtube, Niklas Hald, 4 Aug. 2019.