Research project

”ArtNews” by My Häggbom

ArtNews is a research project by My Häggbom, Assistant professor of Tv-production.

Art meets journalism. ArtNews re-designs news stories in artistic form in collaboration with various artists. We investigate the space between art and journalism.

Aim and research questions

In ArtNews we are researching if re-design of news stories in digital short format can create space for reflection, empathy and deepened conversation about our time. The purpose of ArtNews is to try out new forms for the news story and map what arises in the meeting between art and journalism, in process, method and results.

Research implementation and anticipated impact

In 10 dags in June 10 different artist participated in ArtNews lab. For 3 hours we worked in a interdisciplinary process re-designing the newsstory of the day. ArtNews creates a space for the meeting between different diciplines and between art and journalism, as well as a meeting with an audience in digital publishing.


Photo: Makan Ramathi

Producer: Giuditta Sunnemark

Artists participating in ArtNews labb June 2019: Charlotta Öfverholm, Stacey Sacks, Lina Persson, Aleksandra Czarnecki Plaude, GraffitiSthlm, Amanda Cederquist, Rachel van Ach, Tilda Henriksson, Py Huss Wallin and Johan Forsblad.




Research Catalogue