Your Bones Hold the Shape of What’s to Come by Áron Birtalan

Researcher: Áron Birtalan

Your Bones Hold the Shape of What’s to Come is a PhD project by Áron Birtalan. Áron is a PhD student in Performing Arts.

'Your Bones Hold the Shape of What’s to Come' is an artistic research PhD project exploring contemporary practices of play and mysticism, through playful social experiences and through their embodied aftermath as a post-mortem artwork.

Calling this embodied aftermath ‘The Afterneath’, the project invites players to create intimate and organic artworks that stay with- and under their skin and bleed into the fabric of everyday life as unfolding relationships, sensations, thoughts, superstitions, grievances, hopes myths and practices. The ‘making’ of the project then becomes about creating the right kind of experiences that, upon ending, can act as compost for The Afterneath to take seed – and then to create ways to engage with it, through tending, sensing and making-sense. A clandestine spell for the curious and decomposing, a new kind of joy, and a gift, waiting to be remembered.

The project brings together ideas from 20th-century analog computing, 14th-century feminist mysticism, somatics and contemporary process philosophy into a playful communion that desires to become intimate with a world that is at once flowering and dying each end every moment.


Start and end year for the research 2021-2025.

Image Credit: Players Playing 'The Unquiet Veil ~ A Living Person's Guide to Death Magick in Four Unfinished Songs' by Áron Birtalan. Amsterdam, Fall 2022.