PhD project

”The scenographic potential of acoustic sound” by Mareike Dobewall

Researcher: Mareike Dobewall

“Exploring the scenographic potential of acoustic sound in site-specific performance” is a PhD project by Mareike Dobewall. Mareike is a PhD candidate at Stockholm University of the Arts with a specialisation in opera.

About the research project

As PhD candidate at Stockholm University of the Arts Mareike Nele Dobewall explores the scenographic potential of acoustic sound in site-specific musical performances.

Mareike Nele Dobewall is a director and scenographer. She studied film directing in Berlin and worked internationally as an independent film maker and theatre director for several years before she expanded her artistic expertise through studying scenography at the Norwegian Theatre Academy.

Mareike Dobewall’s research questions are related to the site-specificity of sound, and explore the dialogue between the performers and spaces. How can spaces be collaboration partners or even co-composers to spatial musical performance?

Through the creation of musical performances at different sites Mareike Dobewall explores the spectrum from site-specific creation to site-determined works. In her research she uses an inside-outside listening and full-body attention as methods of inquiry. The collaborative process with musicians and spaces elicits relation-specific sonic material. How do the shapeshifting bodies of sound emerge? How can one consciously use the altering factors that are particular for each instrument-space collaboration when composing on site? How can these sound bodies be choreographed in the space and therein reveal their interdependence with all other agents in the space?

Can a practice of heightened, deepened and broadened listening during a shared creative process inform works that stimulate attentive listening in the audience? In her installative works Mareike Dobewall gives the audience members the possibility to create their own experience by offering them the possibility to change their position and perspective according to their own preferences. Audience relation within site-specific performances with an aural focus is therefore another field that will be investigated within Mareike Dobewall’s research. How can we share spaces and experiences collectively and individually at the same time? Can this sharing lead to the experience of community, even if only temporarily? And what can the awareness of one’s own participation in this shared space-time admit for other shared spaces?

Intended date of doctoral defence:
Autumn 2021

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