PhD project

Enhear by Carolina Jinde

Researcher: Carolina Jinde

Enhear is a PhD project by Carolina Jinde. Carolina is a PhD student in Film and Media.

The term Enhear, coined in the context of this artistic research project, invites an approach to research, art practice, sound studio and world that is comprehensively aural, proposing listening as both act and role; listening as a present tense, continual and continuous co-creation of the inter-relational spaces we all share. Drawing on the specific expertise, perspective and orientation of the sound engineer in film and media-based production, the research unfolds as a series of interrelated experiments; exploring collaborative methods, pedagogical practices, sound-art experiences and modes of reflection. Each of the sub-projects brings specific attention to the auditory perspective, a radically underutilized element within the visually dominated context of film and media. This project contends that consciously incorporating attentive listening practices into the lifecycle of creative processes will make considerable artistic, ethical and practical contributions to film and media productions, utilising the expertise and expanding the practice of the sound engineer.

Goals and Purposes

  • To address the current position of sound production in the film and media industry, incorporating Enhear expertise, utilizing the practical, artistic and social practices of the sound engineer throughout the film making process, from preproduction to finished product. 
  • To introduce and apply attentive listening strategies as creative catalysts within film and media-based productions to both challenge the dominance of the visual image and transform the existing industry power dynamics and structures. 
  • To develop a series of accessible and usable listening methods and sound-centric strategies that can be applied in and relate to a diverse range of research areas, art fields and pedagogical contexts.
  • To utilize sound-centric creative strategies and practices of listening in the context of creative collaborations with visual, performing arts and participatory artists/researchers and to consider ways to circulate discoveries made in these contexts back into the artistic and pedagogical film and media environment.


  • What would the development and application of attentive listening strategies generate in the context of the sound studio, specifically in relation to shared creativity and collaborative structures?
  • How might the incorporation of sound aware practices throughout the production flow in performative and media-based contexts, transform the creative processes and challenge conventional power dynamics within film and media-based productions
  • How might my research into auditory aware practices engage with and inform creative collaborative, transdisciplinary and pedagogical processes in other areas, contexts and fields?

This is how the project will be carried out:

The project is composed of a series of transdisciplinary experiments in collaboration with practitioners from the fields of film and media, the dramatic arts, architecture and glass art. Each exploration differently examines the status, function and creative potentials of Enhear as an aesthetic strategy and an ethical practice, positioning the concept as an agent for change in film and media-based production contexts.