Doctoral research project

”The voice and the perception of the story” by Carolina Jinde

Researcher: Carolina Jinde

"The voice and the perception of the story" is a doctoral research project by Carolina Jinde. Carolina is a doctoral candidate in Film and Media.

Carolina Jinde's project investigates how the voice impacts on the story that is told, and aims to develop the creative influence of voice editing during post-production in the film and TV industry in Sweden.

Goal & purpose

  • Investigate the audience's perception of the story in relation to the expression of the voice. 
  • Contribute to developing methods and changing traditions related to editing of voice and dialogue in film, TV and media production.
  • Contribute to a cross-border method for voice editing in various media platforms in Sweden.

Research questions

  • How does the voice influence the perception of the story that is told? 
  • How can the environment of post-production in Sweden be transformed in order to enhance its creative potential? 
  • How can different forms of mediated storytelling benefit from each other's methods for voice editing? 

This is how the project will be carried out

Through experimental stagings of stories, the impact of the voice on the perception of the story is investigated. 


The thesis is expected to be completed in 2022. Prior to that, the project's various stages will be presented in percentage seminars.

Final presentation

The project will result in audio installations, with and without images, where the position of the voice will be crucial to the storytelling.