Doctoral research project

”Circus as Dialogic” by Marie-Andrée Robitaille

Researcher: Marie-Andree Robitaille

"Circus as Dialogic" is a doctoral research project Marie-Andrée Robitaille. Marie-Andrée is a doctoral candidate in Choreography.

Circus as Dialogic proposes to investigate the event of circus beyond its function as a spectacle. The research proposes that new insights on the role of circus in society can be gained by looking at circus through notions of dialogue. Through a cyclical series of practical circus experiments, I will explore different notions of dialogue and how they transform circus when it comes to form, process, and structure.

Aim and research questions

How can circus be constructed, processed and experienced as an open-ended, multi-voiced and dialogical whole? This question and others that will arise through the process will be investigated into, according to notions of dialogue as a theoretical framework for knowledge to be acquired in different modes and on different levels in circus arts. By exploring circus through notions of dialogue, I aim to contribute to the emergence of a dialogical discourse in circus art.

Research implementation and anticipated impact

The project will occur through collaborative processes, including practical experiments, discursive activities, and elaboration of artwork. Driven by posthumanism and new materialism critical perspectives, the project is motivated by an imminent need to acquire new knowledge about dialogue as a necessary competence to develop when it comes to collectively better maneuver the global societal challenges that await us.


The project will be conducted at the research environment of Stockholm University of Arts, in cooperation with artists and researchers in circus art, installation art, electronic art, and other fields of relevance.


Start and end year for the research 2019-2024.