Development Work

”The Melancholy of Lost Movements” by John-Paul Zaccarini

Researcher: John-Paul Zaccarini

The Melancholy of Lost Movements – The aesthetics of intersectionality is a development work by John-Paul Zaccarini, Associate Professor of circus.

How to develop an intersectional and interdisciplinary aesthetic with performance, video, dance, visual theatre and poetry in order to address coloured and queer underrepresentation in the University context. It grounds itself in afro-pessimism, feminism, queer theory and literature. It is based in the researcher’s interdisciplinary expertise as choreographer, director and performer of circus, theatre and dance as well as his transdisciplinary work with psychoanalysis.

Aim and research questions

The aim is increase visibility and awarness of various intersectionalities through aesthetic productions and theoretical interventions. Are there movements we were never allowed to perform and which thereby render us melancholic?

Research implementation and anticipated impact

Through in depth readings of afro-pessimism and its intersections with feminisim and queer theory, a series of performative fantasy scenarios will be produced to mitigate the effects of micro-racism/homophobia/misogeny and give hope in the face of exhaustion. It will also raise awarness of these affects in those that have never had to feel them.


Performing Artists: Toubab Holmes, Kipat Kahumbu, Luuk Brantjes, Kalle Wiberg, Joel Roxendal, Sebastian Jose Luis Composer: Peter Coyte Video Directors: Erwin Semlet, Joachim Karlsson



no-one messes with the mother of this house Photo Isak Stockas.jpg


Photo credit
The weight of white, photo by Isak Stockås
No-one messes with the mother of this house, photo by Isak Stockås