Development work

"Hair, materiality, immanence and narrative" by Gunilla Pettersson

Researcher: Gunilla Pettersson

"Hair, materiality, immanence and narrative" is a development project by Gunilla Pettersson, Assistant Professor of Make-up and Wig Design.

My intention is to investigate a design process that is based on materiality and visual expression to create a narrative. In this work, I want to highlight the visual design, let it be the starting point for – and bearer of – stories. I want to use human hair. It is a complex material with immanent qualities, not entirely unproblematic connotations and socio-cultural issues.

Aim and purpose

I want to explore the communicative and creative potential that exists in the tools I use in my profession. The visual design is intended to form the basis for a reflection on meaningful signs and narratives. I also want materiality and immanence to take place in such a discourse, that which is not “visible” but still becomes important in an act of interpretation. To what extent can we speak of it as purely visual, if by visual we only mean perceived with the eye?

Through such a study, to seek to formulate and define visual design and communication from a specific perspective, I also want to be able to contribute to broadening the perspectives on how and with which methods we tell stories in performative practices.


I will work with more or less abstract objects where this material is included.