Development Work

”Concept design and visualising workflows” by Eli Bø

“Concept design and visualising workflows” is a development work by Eli Bø, Professor of Production Design.

A development project researching visualising process methods specifically for small and low-budget productions within the emerging cross-over field of screen design, performance, media and interactivity.

Aim and research questions

  • A case study; a motion capture derived animation project is the testing ground for combining old and new visualisation techniques.
  • Conducting interviews and organising master classes with concept artists and visualisers from a variety of moving image traditions.
  • Skills and methods workshops in collaboration with MA Narrative Space - Production Design for Film & Media. Data collected.
  • An interactive mini exposition. We may look at stage and screen as entirely different platforms but the students applying to our design courses don't! They are fascinated by the similarities, they have experience from fiction film, animation, theatre, character design and interactive installations – and they come to us because they want tools to equip them for a flexible design career, where they might be working on documentaries one day, games the next and exhibition design the third. This is new and we must respond to this. We must create conditions for knowledge production that is relevant to the whole breath and width of this new exciting design field for performance, character design, mediated art, interactivity and fiction film!


Moira Tait, National Film and Television School

David McHenry, art director for film and television

Sandra Pilny-Lockertsen, storyboard artist and illustrator

Nikolai Lockertsen, concept artist




Research project in Research Catalogue (in progress).