Niklas Hald
Assistant Professor

Niklas Hald

Department: Department of Acting
Telephone number: +46 8 49 400 648

What do you teach at SKH?
I am an Assistant Professor in acting, specializing in reflection on practical knowledge. In addition to that, I also have some time for my own research.

Is there anything in your practice you would like to highlight?
The subject – Reflections on Practical Knowledge – is to me about developing ways of understanding my own and others experiences. As an actor, I constantly need to learn more about my voice and body, about character and the dynamic co-operation within ensembles and production teams. I also need to understand the circumstances I perform under in order to actually do the work I am supposed to be doing, and in what way I, if needed, can change these circumstances to the better.

To me, the foundation for this understanding is about dialogue. A dialogue with myself about what I know and do, with others about their experiences and the things we share – or do not. It is also a dialogue with theory and literature in all its forms, art, film and media. I do believe that when we engage in mutual respectful reflections about the phenomenon we encounter in our work, it becomes much easier to see and realize what we actually do and hopefully what we might need to do or learn in order to become ever better in our actions.

What is important for you as a SKH?
This tradition of active reflection has fundamentally affected my own practice as an actor. I started with a course at Dramatiska institutet, continued with master studies at Center for practical knowledge at Södertörn University, while still working as a full time actor. I then became a PhD at Stockholm University of the Arts, and finished my thesis in 2015: The Actor and Theatre for Children – Challenges for us who perform for children and young people. Just as exciting as it has been to investigate and question my own work and learn from my colleagues experiences, just as exciting it is for me right now, when I do my best to communicate all this to the students and everyone else who is interested.

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