Mihra Lindblom
Assistant professor of Make-up and Wig Design

Mihra Lindblom

Department: Department of Performing Arts
E-mail: mihra.lindblom@uniarts.se
Telephone number: +46 8 49 400 621

What do you teach at SKH?
I teach make-up and wig design.

Is there anything in your practice you would like to highlight?
In my opinion it is important to keep a balance between our professional craft skills and our knowledge of the society around us. It creates credibility and provides space for creativity and exploration in our profession.

What is important for you as a teacher?
As a teacher, I hope that the student gets a demanding but enjoyable experience during the education, and also the courage and knowledge to work and develop the performing arts in the future.

Have you got any advice for those who would like to study at SKH?
Your own zeal, desire and motivation is extremely important. Experience as well; it may be in an amateur context, as an assistant or in any other artistic education.

What do you do when you are not teaching here at SKH?
I freelance as a make-up artist.

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