Markus Granqvist
Assistant professor of Performing Arts with specialisation Set Design

Markus Granqvist

Department: Department of Performing Arts
Telephone number: +46 8 49 400 540

(Photo: Studio Fotografica)

In which programme and what subject do you teach at SKH?
– I work as an Assistant Professor of performing arts with specialisation Set design.

Is there anything you would like to highlight within your field?
– I am very interested in imersive performing arts so I hope to highlight that. I am also interested in group synergies and interdisciplinary expression and also hope to deepen my own and students' knowledge in new technologies, such as AI.

What more do you think is important in your field or in your role as a teacher?
– For me as an artist in the performing arts field, but also as a spectator or participant, the artistic experience in its own right has been the most important thing. I hope to safeguard this in my work both in the field and at school. Something else I feel strongly about is the ability of the performing arts to be unpredictable. I hope that my work at the school will to some extent result in unpredictable performing arts experiences in unpredictable venues!