Lina Persson
PhD candidate and Researcher

Lina  Persson

Department : Department of Film and Media
E-mail :
Telephone number : +46 8 49 400 591

Lina Persson makes situated interventions through narrative storyworlds and animated worldbuilding. Her art often brings some conditions attached that transform the routines of the environments she enters, as a way to “world” them.

She works through the science fiction genre, exploring how science and mythology shapes the future and how human storytelling and technological ideology are shaping our planet. 

She is currently working with her research project Climate-Just Worldings which is financed by Vetenskapsrådet and located at Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH). For example she is developing a climate calculator for film that explores sustainable transitions in artistic practices.

Currently a senior researcher and PhD fellow at Stockholm University of the Arts, Stockholm.

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