Jenny Sunesson
Assistant Professor of Sonic Practice

Jenny Sunesson

Department: Department of Film and Media
Telephone number: +46 8 49 400 609

Jenny Sunesson is an artist, composer and writer often using concrete sound for her work. Her practice ranges from field recording and conceptual sound art to  electroacoustic composition and documentary. She uses real life as a stage for her dark, tragic and sometimes comical work where real and invented characters and derogated stereotypes are forced to collaboration in the alternate story of hierarchies and normative power structure in our society.

Jenny started off as a journalist working for newspapers and the public radio, (SR). She late studied at Dramatiska institutet and joined the renowned Electroacoustic music institute of Sweden (EMS). She eventually moved to the UK where she spent a large proportion of her adult life.

Her work has been commissioned by the Swedish arts fund, Concerts Sweden and Swedish national broadcasting company and has been exhibited both nationally and internationally.

In 2008 she was awarded the Åke Hodell award for her sharp, excentric and political storytelling.

Jenny teaches experimental storytelling and sound art and holds workshops in field recording at the Institution of Film and Media. She also teaches students the use of the sound editing software Protools and works with the development of the Media lab. She favours technically and artistically integrated experimental workshops with trial and error being the core method. With special interest in normative reflection she promotes a wide referential historic outlook to encourage students to challenge and reflect their own practice, their artistic goals, ethics, integrity and choices.

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