Jaroslaw Kaliski
Assisstant Professor of Musical Interpretation

Jaroslaw Kaliski

Department: Department of Opera
E-mail: jaroslaw.kaliski@uniarts.se

What subject do you teach at SKH and at which education?
I work as an Assistant Professor of Musical Interpration in Opera.

Is there anything you would like to highlight within your area?
Among all the activities in the field of collaborating with singers on different levels of musical development, I sincerely think that teaching and guiding young singers at the beginning of their careers is a particularly rewarding experience. They are often exceptionally motivated, highly receptive and utterly devoted to their personal self-growth as voice artists and musicians.

Anything else you think is important within your area and your role as a teacher?
My guidance is always based on my professional working experience. In my teaching there is always a room for flexibility and spontaneous discovery as well as for precise directives toward specific goals. It is important for me as a tutor to often reconnect with the other members of the faculty in order to find the best way to give support within the whole spectrum of the pedagogical activity.