Ellen J Røed
Pro Vice-Chancellor, Professor of Film and Media

Ellen J Røed

Department: Vice-Chancellor and co-workers
E-mail: ellen.roed@uniarts.se
Telephone number: +46 8 49 400 317

Ellen J Røed is a visual artist educated at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, NTNU (2001) and the University of Oslo (1994). She works with video art and is devoted to the moving image through interdisciplinary forms, collaboration and performativity. During the past years she has engaged in developing the frameworks that enables and supports artistic research, in particular in the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme.

Ellen J Røed previously worked at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, and at Bergen Academy of Art and Design. She has completed a PhD equivalent fellowship in The Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme.

Some of her artistic works are available here: www.ellenrøed.no/wp

What made you interested in working here at SKH?
– I like to envision artistic research as processes that needs to be challenged by encounters with other disciplines. I see here a will to organise artistic research in interdisciplinary structures and this is something that resonates profoundly with my own ideas. It seems to me that such a collectivity might allow truly innovative results. Working within such a framework will, I am sure, change my own practice and I look forward to having my own ideas and methods challenged by the artistic activities going on at all levels of SKH.

What is the essence of your own art and research?
– My interest for art originated in a period where video cameras became readily available for ordinary consumers, alongside computers that could handle media with ease and modems that would allow user to connect through the internet. I developed a passion for moving images as a bundle of material and cultural conditions and I still continue to explore how they enable networks and relationships. In the recent years, my interests in the performative and networked aspects of media has developed towards a more specific exploration of how cameras and similar devices enable relevant forms of inquiry.