Costanza Julia Bani
Assistant Professor of Film Production

Costanza Julia Bani

Department: Department of Film and Media
Telephone number: +46 8 49 400 569

I am Assistant Professor in Film and Media Production at Stockholm University of the Arts and a freelance producer working internationally for different production companies, mainly for Fasad Production AB and since summer 2021 with Fellonica Film AB.

At Stockholm University of the Arts, besides teaching, I have a multidisciplinary research project about light and sound pollution: Too Bright and Too Loud  A Tale of Darkness and Quietness. The research supports my vision of contamination between art and science and allows me to deepen my praxis as impact producer to ignite societal change making ends meet from an artist’s / film- maker's, a scientist's and a distributor’s / exhibitor's perspective. The research part of the project will be initially developed with KTH and is actively advancing further involving other national and international institutions. It will create a "research belt", a documentary and installation, produced separately with Fellonica Film, and an exhibition centre, we are working on parallel.“

My seminars include all stages of the realization of an audio-visual production from talent scouting to packaging and pitching to classic and alternative distribution, including legal aspects. My focus in teaching is to open up internationally and eliminate borders to let filmmakers unfold their stories with an international eye.

I have been studying in Italy, UK and Germany – pursuing parallel an academic career and operating as a professional in the film industry, first as a scriptwriter and consultant, later focusing exclusively on production. I have a PhD in film studies, centering on drama-theory and trans-codifications and their relationship to film industry economics and politics. I have a diploma as a scriptwriter at the dffb and as a creative producer at isff in Berlin.

Since 2018 I have been working mainly for Fasad Production in Sweden and Santifanti in Italy or acting as a production consultant, i.a. Nordisk Film AB and Escathon. In summer 2021 I became a member of Fellonica Film AB.

I am currently producing the feature debuts of Cristina Picchi and Jennifer Rainsford, as well as working on the new films by Erik Gandini, Måns Månsson, Livia Giunti and Francesco Andreotti and Milla Bergh, all at different stages of development, production or postproduction.

I have participated in the Robert Bosch Stiftung mentorship programs in Romania and Bosnia-Herzegovina and for the Arab World. I was selected both for the documentary campus and dok-incubator. I am an EAVE graduate 2015, a selected participant of the Cannes producer's network 2104 and 2016, a TFL Alumna and Sundance Grantee 2019, a Circle Women Doc Accelerator partaker 2021.

For further enquires, feel free to contact me at my institutional email address: