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VIS #9 – New issue!


VIS issue 9 was published 14 March 2023. The Issue features seven expositions within the theme “Of Memory and Public Space”. Editors are Serge von Arx and Eliot Moleba.

The release took place 14 March at the Norwegian Film School in Oslo during the Artistic Research Spring Forum 2023.

The issue has two contributions from SKH: De anonyma – Ett dokumentärt minnes- och transformeringsprojekt (The Anonymous – A Documentary Memory and Transformation Project) by Bengt Bok, Professor of radio production, and Scented Rooms by Shauheen Daneshfar, former master’s student in film and media.

Expositions in VIS issue 9

A History of Violence by Kai Ziegner
Unfinished Business by Hedvig Jalhed and Mattias Rylander
Scented Rooms by Shauheen Daneshfar
De anonyma – Ett dokumentärt minnes- och transformeringsprojekt by Bengt Bok
Poner el cuerpo – Making spaces public by Rossana P. Mercado Rojas
Altodi Poltodi (This shore, That shore) by Rai and Savyasachi Anju Prabir
[Re] Mapping of Being – Landscape/Cavescape/Humanscape by Nina Tsy and Nataliia Korotkova

Read the issue on VIS website

EliotandSerge.jpgEliot Moleba and Serge von Arx presenting the latest issue of VIS at the Norwegian Film School in Oslo, 14 March 2023. Photo: Gunhild Mathea Husvik-Olaussen
VIS_Shauheen Daneshfar1100.pngShauheen Daneshfar, author in VIS #9, presenting his exposition “Scented Rooms”.

Watch the presentation from the release: Artistic Research Forum, Release of VIS #9.